underwear drawers

“Gone Home” What Are You?

Your casual gaming advocate here to talk about “Gone Home”…

Mild spoiler warning, I know some people are worried about even the littlest spoilers.

No, stop, I hear what you’re saying:

“But Rachel! Gone Home isn’t a casual game! It’s on steam!”

And some of you are thinking: “Gone Home isn’t even a game! All you do is wander around a house and click things.”

Where are they now?

Oh, fair blog readers, I think it is indeed a Causal Game, and here’s why:

Gone Home is a game that has no enemies, no clear goals, no time limits, no achievements.  It’s you walking around a house discovering what’s become of your family.  You’ve been gone for a whole year, your family has moved and no one is home.  There’s so much to see, to explore and discover.  How has your happy family changed?

This game won’t be for everyone, it’s very peaceful.  There’s quite a few places where the only sounds are the rain and the house settling.   You follow the footsteps of your sister through the house, and discover how she’s changed.   At the same time you feel a little like you’re snooping as you turn on all the lights and search through everyone’s underwear drawers.

The entire time you’re wondering why no one is home.  When is something going to jump out on you?

It’s a lovely game, but you have to be in the right mood to appreciate it.  It’s very story driven and you have to draw some of your own conclusions.  $20.00 on steam right now.  I recommend it if you’ve got about three hours to kill (no it’s not very long).