Blog keeping post: Podcasts on the blog

Hey guys, this is a blogkeeping/blog upkeep post. YAY.


Okay, so here’s the deal with getting the podcasts up on the site.  Right now we’re using soundcloud to get the podcasts uploaded onto the site.  This site, this one right here… yea.


BUT! It has space limitations and we keep bumping up against that when uploading and posting the new ones.  This is why the casts older than a week are un-viewable.  We’ve experimented with uploading them onto youtube, which doesn’t have the space limitations.  That’s nice, but we can’t get up on Itunes and other podcast sharing sites with youtube casts.

We’re currently looking at hosting them directly on the site, but for now you’ll have to bare with us while we find the best option.

As always, if you want to listen or watch older casts, they are saved at the CAG twitch page.

Video Link for CAG twitch page

For even older videos, Check out James’ twitch page:

Link for James’ Twitch page