sexism in video games

Jumping on the Sexism Bandwagon

Let’s talk about sexism in video games. (I can hear you now, “Oh god, no…not another one!  What does it matter?!”)

Yes it’s a pretty popular subject right now.  I imagine it’s because women are tired of being treated like a different species in the gaming industry, and that frustration is bubbling to the surface.  We’re tired of women in video games being treated as objects.  We’re tired of being defined by our sex.  “Being female” shouldn’t be the only defining trait of a player character.

I have played many, many video games where I’ve declined to play the female character.  When I started playing video games I’d get so excited to play a female character but no longer.  Now I just complain, “Why do I have to be the chick?”  Because she sucks and isn’t as good at things as the male characters are.

Think about that:

The playable character that has tits, isn’t as good at things as the characters without tits.  Do boobs convey +5 to sucking and -2 skills?  I must say I’ve never noticed that in real life.  What are the designers thinking when they program this stuff?

Why does being female carry with it a penalty in video games?


Sheva kinda sucks. (Also, did you see her alternate outfit? WTF?)

That’s not even getting into the video games that treat women as movable objects and rape as a joke.  There are problems with the way video games treat women on every level.

I have never felt like video games are written for me, simply because I’m a woman. 

This is one small reason I like “casual games”.  With your average tower defense flash game or phone app there’s very little room for sexism.   There’s very little room to feel minimized simply for havin’ lady parts.  Not the only reason of course, but it’s one of the reasons I’m your “casual gaming” writer, and not your “first person shooter war simulator” writer (though I do play those  BF4 drops soon, yea!).

Maybe gaming should take a page from George R.R. Martin’s play  book:

Is that so hard?

So that’s it, I guess.  Not as passionate as most of the writing on the subject.  Maybe I’ve just resigned myself to the way things are, or maybe I just have to go to my college classes.