Certain Age Gaming for June 22nd, 2015 “Kid? Squid? I’m the guy with the gun.”

There’s been a bit of a break in between podcasts for personal reasons but that just gave the gang time to play some VIDEO GAMES! Like Taryn and Kody playing a lot of Splatoon (Kody bought a WiiU) and James playing Darkest Dungeon. Taryn also played some Ori and the Blind Forest. The news is laser focused on E3 because there was a lot to talk about! Unless… you’re a Nintendo Fan.

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Certain Age Gaming for June 22nd, 2015

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Nintendo Goes Mobile with Partner DeNA


Nintendo has blindsided the press once again with the surprising news this morning that they are finally taking the smartphone dip so long predicted. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone as there have been hints littered throughout various press releases and investor meetings since it became clear that the Wii U was not going to repeat the successes of the Wii.

The surprising thing, however, is that they aren’t going it alone. They’ve purchased a 10% stake in DeNA, owners of wildly successful and equally profitable mobile developer Mobage. Nintendo isn’t just dipping into smartphones, they’re specifically investing in smartphones. That 10% stake makes them the highest shareholder in DeNA second only to the founder, who owns 13.5%.

As part of the long-term relationship and commitment by each company, Nintendo and DeNA have also agreed to form a capital alliance. Under the capital alliance, Nintendo will acquire 15,081,000 of DeNA’s treasury shares, which corresponds to 10.00 percent of its total outstanding stock, for a total of approximately 22 billion yen. DeNA will simultaneously acquire 1,759,400 of Nintendo’s treasury shares, which corresponds to 1.24 percent of its outstanding stock, for a total of approximately 22 billion yen. The payment is due April 2, 2015.

The press release from DeNA goes into detail about the specific partnership that has been negotiated and I suggest you read it carefully before losing your shit over this. Nintendo isn’t shilling out Mario for a flappy bird clone to the highest bidder. They’re working together with an established and successful mobile development platform to build games specifically for smartphones (and probably 3DS).

Nintendo is taking the lead in development. Not DeNA, though they have capable developers as well. Though Iwata (Nintendo Boss Guy) has spoken about and all but ruled out ports of existing games in the past, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the idea personally. Square-Enix has, for a long time, made quite the boatloads of cash by porting their older games to smartphones and charging an unreasonably high fee for them. Nintendo’s backlog of games is of the highest quality and they’d be remiss to not at least consider this possibility.

With this news also comes the news that DeNA and Nintendo are partnering up for a new “online membership service” that will, if God is a good and just God, replace the existing Nintendo membership services.DSC00506-720x480

Of course, the news has hit a few people particularly hard. Those who thing that smartphones are the bane of gamings existence will paint their placards with “DOOM IS COMING” and virtually march and virtually yell about this partnership and what it means for traditional gaming. Those people are dumb. Don’t be those people.

Lets embrace the future together and remember that despite Nintendo having no idea how to make hardware these days, they have some crazy ass good developers who’re probably going to reinvigorate a stagnant market instead of sinking into mediocrity.

Certain Age Gaming for December 16th, 2013 “Home Invasions Are Up This Time of Year”

We were 24 hours late but in the meantime picked up Rachel for a cast! She joins us primarily to talk about Starbound but also to make fun of Kody for sucking at Dark Souls. It’s pretty much all Starbound talk all the time until news rolls around and we debate whether the disastrous Wii U numbers are toll the bells for Nintendo’s ill received console.  Other news is the Mega Man board game and the XBOX One/Playstation 4 numbers out of November.

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Certain Age Gaming for December 16th, 2013

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Certain Age Gaming for September 22nd, 2013 “Welp, it’s time for Ska.”

Rumn’s representing the entirety of Canada while James talks Mark of the Ninja and Brutal Legend. One of those games was good. Kody is excited to talk about Rogue Legacy and Final Fantasy XIV because he’s an MMO addict in recovery. There’s a death in Nintendo’s family, a new Game Studio dream team, and TGS happened… but no one wants to talk about that.

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Certain Age Gaming for September 22nd, 2013

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Certain Age Gaming for September 1st, 2013 “Turtleburgers”

Justin’s phased out of reality again due to experiments at school and so Rumn drops in from the ceiling light bringing the KNOWLEDGE! Kody played Spelunky (Vita) and Dragon’s Crown (Vita), James played Divekick in training, Rumn played everything else. (Final Fantasy XIV and Might and Magic X Early Release). We also talked about MMO server issues and PAX and Nintendo’s new handheld the 2DS! Newness not guaranteed.

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Certain Age Gaming for September 1st, 2013

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Link to the Past Director Drops Juicy Bits of Nothing

Jeff Bakalar of scored an ‘exclusive interview‘ with Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma. There aren’t many direct quotes from the man himself included in the rather meandering article, but somehow he let a few juicy tidbits slip out.

When speaking about the basic Zelda formula of finding items to allow progression, Aonuma said “it certainly feels different from our [the developer’s] point of view.”

Aonuma goes on to explain that this is a chance to start fresh with Zelda on an entirely new platform. While the 3DS already has a Zelda game in it’s backlog (2011’s Remake of Ocarina of Time) this is a chance for the developers to create an entirely new Zelda game for the platform, not just remake an old one. So why make LTTP 2 and not some entirely new Zelda game?

Aonuma says that the 3DS has allowed for the revisiting of a top-down world and provided new ways for the player to interact with a Zelda game.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Of course, that doesn’t explain why SPECIFICALLY Link to the Past was tapped for this. The Oracle series of games are top-down, but they seem directly inspired by LTTP anyway. I think what Aonuma failed to mention was that LTTP is considered one of the best (if not THE best) Zelda games. The Ocarina of Time remake cause quite a stir in the sales of the 3DS both in Japan and America and I’m sure Nintendo would love to emulate that success with the second most beloved game in the series. With the clout of the original game and the diorama style art that the 3DS allows, it should make for a very interesting play experience. Remember, this is the first direct sequel to a Zelda game since that one everyone likes to hate (but is secretly great).

Oh, he also offered up the most exciting news on LTTP2 yet.

 And like some other Zelda games in the past, the 3DS sequel will alternate between a light and dark world.

That’s worth a bit of frothiness.