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Certain Age Gaming for December 2nd 2015 “Lone Survivor was A Great Game”

I don’t know if you heard but we talk about Video Games and this week is no different. Except it’s way different because Taryn wasn’t here. It’s okay she’ll be back but in the meantime Kody played a billion hours of Fallout 4 and James finished Alpha Protocol again for some reason. If you don’t want to hear someone gnashing their teeth about the dichotomy of Fallout 4 then TOO BAD!

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No Pre-Roll this week.

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Certain Age Gaming for September 14th 2015 “Such a Lust for a Podcast”

We’re here to talk about video games and other stuff sorry. James played Grandia II on his computer and is excited to play Skies of Arcadia on his computer (it’ll never happen) and Kody played Metal Gear Solid V and Taryn played DOTER and DIEBO. There’s a bit of news that Kody forces upon everyone but the topic is all Peter Dinklage getting forced out of Destiny.

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Certain Age Gaming for September 14th, 2015

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Dragon Quest XI Announced


Square Enix sure knows how to make a splash these days. Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time was announced today to release on the PS4, the 3DS (New 3DS Exclusive most likely) and… the NX. That’s quite a surprise given that we don’t have a release schedule for the NX yet nor any other game announced to come to it.

Well, not that surprising. Given the sales that the Wii U has achieved during its short life and the anemic support it has had from 3rd party developers.


The new Dragon Quest is going to have at least two different stories. One for the PS4 and one for the 3DS, you know like Ni No Kuni. Also like Ni No Kuni, we’ll probably never ever see the 3DS version release in America so don’t get your hopes up. No localization has been announced but I’m guessing the PS4 release will come to our shores and that’s it.

We don’t have much info about the NX version yet but it will like be similar to the PS4 one which features an open world and is being developed on Unreal Engine 4. The 3DS version is less open (DQIX style?), being developed in cooperation with Toy Logic, and will have battles in both 3D and 2D with Sprites.


Expect all of this to launch in Japan late 2016 and the PS4 version in America in late 2017.

Certain Age Gaming for July 20th 2015 “RIP Mr. Iwata”

This week’s podcast features the first one with a fully integrated Interview, this one with a local game store manager. Besides that is the normal watcha been playing and news where we talk about MLB The Show 2015 and the death of Satoru Iwata. Finally after the break we talk for a bit about what the ideal length for a game is.

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Certain Age Gaming for July 20th 2015

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“Get Thicker Skin” against “We Don’t Tolerate Discrimination”: MOBA vs MMO communities

There are a lot of theories, speculations, and general cries of how malicious individuals that play MOBAs can be. It spans from the trash-talkers to the game-ruiners to the all-around terrible individuals that we don’t seem to directly encounter so often outside of that environment. The question is, why are they so malicious? What makes someone log into a Dota game and start spewing sewage so vile that we would completely avoid that street if we had the choice? This is a huge and complicated topic, but I began viewing it in light of MMO communities, which are far more accepting and pleasant, and what fosters such a difference. I think the main reason comes down to the fact that MMO’s require a personal connection, while MOBAs have nothing of the sort involved in the gameplay. Again, this is not the complete picture of what’s going on, but I do think it illuminates the situation at its core: how individuals are even able to act like vicious demons that they would never let their mothers see.

A Difference of Character

First, let’s look at the types of connections we make with MMO characters as opposed to MOBA characters. MMO characters always require an individual’s input. You design their hair, eyes, skin color, height, sometimes even their voices, and there is no way that your personality is not going to come out in that process. In creating the character, you’re creating something of yourself, something you can endeavor to relate to as you play and  grow with them.

On the other had, you have MOBAs, which create the characters for you. The backstories are, at best, interesting but still already told. There is nothing for you to add to, nothing that you can do to meaningfully impact that character’s core essence. What’s further, these characters already have very distinct personalities which you are going to make a judgement about. They are established persons, in a sense, and as such require no personal input. (more…)

Why the co-op in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is terrible.

Instead of enjoying one of our favorite games, Resident evil 5 (or 6, though it is not as good)…Kody and I decided to try out the new effort from Capcom (Resident Evil: Revelations 2).  However, we immediately ran into terribleness.

There are at least eight problems with this game.  These observation are from the first …oh…  first 15 minutes so if you can stand and it gets better, good for you.

1. Player two is a escort mission.  You are glorified AI.  If you’re into holding a flashlight while your partner gets to kill zombies this is the game for you.

2. You cannot assist your partner in killing zombies.  We passed: a knife, a gun, and a shotgun and I could pick none of it.  I got a flashlight so there was that, but i couldn’t use it as a blunt instrument.  Illuminating Kody’s zombie bitten neck was 100% done.  There was no achievement for that however.  I am certifying myself as an expert zombie wound illuminator and zombie attack lighter.  Hollywood, I’m taking calls.

scale of 1 to 10, how useful are flashlights in a zombie situation? 2, max.

There she is with her trusty flashlight.

3. It is easy to waste ammo, even if you know what to do, if you don’t do things in the right order (e.g. trigger dialogue), well it sucks to be you.

4.  Why the hell is player two not allowed to have a weapon.

5. Why the HELL is player two not allowed to have a weapon????

6.  I don’t play Resident games for the story line, I play them to shoot things. However, player two, IS NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A WEAPON.

7.  There is NO WAY to defend yourself or your partner if you are player two.

8.  This game is bullshit.

So if this the game you were hoping to get your girlfriend into gaming with, or pass a lovely evening with your best friend.  You’re wrong.  I don’t know what single player is like.  Maybe it rocks.  But I’m pissed.  Don’t bother if you wanted a good (couch) co-op.

#CantKillProgress and Deus Ex:Mankind Divided

Over the past several days a twitch channel showed what appeared to be a man in a prison cell and allowed some control over the cameras and a timed viewer choice.  The only tidbits of information we had a was a hash tag to use on twitter and some vague information regarding a new Square Enix reveal.  People were immediately interested, but where I think Square Enix went wrong was the time frame they used for this viral marketing campaign.  By making it last 3 days with timed countdowns to reveals and choices they didn’t give incentive for people to stay watching and focused the entire time, like you would want for the reveal of a major game.  In this case the game in question being the next part of the Deus Ex franchise.  Now I will be honest I did not watch the entire thing, and after I read about the leak confirming it was Deus Ex I stopped watching entirely, partly because I saw a lack of a point.

Now instead of a hash tag about progress the words we care about are “Mankind Divided” from what the developers(Eidos Montreal again) are telling us this game will take place shortly after Human Revolution and we will see the actual flash point of the human vs. augmented revolts.  I personally can’t wait to see this story because as a fan of the series since the original Deus Ex, it will be pretty awesome to see all the events leading up to the creation of the factions from the original game and the causes of the societal tension that was a central theme of the original.  We don’t know for sure if they have made the boss fights any better or if their promises of smarter AI is true or not yet, but from what we’ve seen in the screenshots so far I am already excited for the systems we are seeing being put into place and have a lot of hope for this addition to one of my favorite franchises.