About Us

We are a group of gamers who dream of an older age in gaming.

That certain age when games delivered a challenge that was as infuriating playing through as it was satisfying to complete. Our main outlet for this is a weekly podcast on that we run every Monday at 9:30 PM EST (sometimes…mostly…follow Kody on twitter).  We talk about what is going on in the gaming industry and get cynical about it.

Kody: He enjoys PC gaming, and complaining about PC gaming.  Also long walks on the beach and getting killed in Bloodborne. He is on the weekly podcast. Follow him: Twitter and Twitch

James: He enjoys watching youtubers play games, 1st person shooters and buying games on steam he’ll never play.   Additional activities include losing at Civilization: Beyond Earth and contemplations on the nature of humanity.  He is also on the podcast.  Follow him: Twitter and Twitch

Taryn: She enjoys PC and Wii gaming, as well as DOTA (yes it’s different than PC gaming).  She also loves animals and losing to Russian people in DOTA.  She is on the podcast.  Follow her: Twitter and Twitch

Rachel: She enjoys her Xbox and not upgrading to current gen hardware, thinking about playing games then studying instead, and casual gaming.  Other interests include winning at Civilization: Beyond Earth and writing casual gaming reviews to annoy hard core gamers.  She edits and runs the blog.  Don’t follow her, just read the blog instead.


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