Month: May 2015

Mu Complex : Episodes One and Two

We didn’t discuss this game when episode one came out last year, because college.  But it’s summer and episode two has just come out (scroll to the end for a link to the game)!  Mu complex is a programming game, sort of.  It requires that you type exclusively.  You’re not typing to make enemies appear or destroy things.  This is purely a puzzle game that requires you think while “programming” (not real programming), using a command line.  If you enjoy puzzles you’ll likely enjoy this game as well.

hard to find an image with no spoilers

To start, you may find it helpful to type “help” into the command line, from there it requires your wits and an ability to think in 3-dimensional space.  You can scroll up to see what things you’ve done in that level, which is nice when things get confusing.  Honestly this game reminds me of messing around with older (much older) computers.  Back when they had large floppy disks and orange type.  It’s also reminiscent of text adventure games, with more of a modern “hacker” feel.

Pro tips:

  • Don’t forget the “help” command that you type in whenever to see what options there are (these change, so if you get stuck remember this).
  • “sudo” is your administrative command option, this works all the time even if it’s not an option in the help list (most of the time you don’t need it).
  • Try all combinations of your options.
  • “ls” < that’s a lowercase L not a 1 or an I.

As a last note:  This game is (part of the reason) why there was no podcast last night.  I showed it to Kody ten minutes before start time.  Whoops.

Click here to go to episode two, which has a link to episode one (the main website is freaking out my anti-virus so I don’t suggest you go there). OR click the picture below to go to episode one.

Mu Complex


Why the co-op in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is terrible.

Instead of enjoying one of our favorite games, Resident evil 5 (or 6, though it is not as good)…Kody and I decided to try out the new effort from Capcom (Resident Evil: Revelations 2).  However, we immediately ran into terribleness.

There are at least eight problems with this game.  These observation are from the first …oh…  first 15 minutes so if you can stand and it gets better, good for you.

1. Player two is a escort mission.  You are glorified AI.  If you’re into holding a flashlight while your partner gets to kill zombies this is the game for you.

2. You cannot assist your partner in killing zombies.  We passed: a knife, a gun, and a shotgun and I could pick none of it.  I got a flashlight so there was that, but i couldn’t use it as a blunt instrument.  Illuminating Kody’s zombie bitten neck was 100% done.  There was no achievement for that however.  I am certifying myself as an expert zombie wound illuminator and zombie attack lighter.  Hollywood, I’m taking calls.

scale of 1 to 10, how useful are flashlights in a zombie situation? 2, max.

There she is with her trusty flashlight.

3. It is easy to waste ammo, even if you know what to do, if you don’t do things in the right order (e.g. trigger dialogue), well it sucks to be you.

4.  Why the hell is player two not allowed to have a weapon.

5. Why the HELL is player two not allowed to have a weapon????

6.  I don’t play Resident games for the story line, I play them to shoot things. However, player two, IS NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A WEAPON.

7.  There is NO WAY to defend yourself or your partner if you are player two.

8.  This game is bullshit.

So if this the game you were hoping to get your girlfriend into gaming with, or pass a lovely evening with your best friend.  You’re wrong.  I don’t know what single player is like.  Maybe it rocks.  But I’m pissed.  Don’t bother if you wanted a good (couch) co-op.