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Certain Age Gaming for October 27th, 2013 “Halloween SPOOKTACULAR”

It’s the first annual Certain Age Gaming “Halloween Spooktacular”! Kody celebrates by talking about Proteus and Firefly the Boardgame. Justin celebrates with DOTA 2. James celebrates with Freedom Force and Rumn celebrates by playing Rift! We suck at Halloween apparently. There’s not a whole lot of news to be had, and we don’t talk about Ellen Page getting bare out of respect. To Justin.

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Certain Age Gaming for October 27th, 2013

CA Gaming final


Certain Age Gaming for October 20th, 2013 “So far out”

Justinless again for tonight, but Rumn’s here and he’s brought his raging cold! It doesn’t stop him from talking about Video games though! James played through The Wolf Among Us so him and Kody talk about it with stars in their eyes… that’s nothing compared to their opinion of The Stanley Parable. Rumn is still dangerously addicted to League of Legends and there’s tons of news to be had. Like a black friday sales leak and a bunch of Ubisoft delays because they’re afraid!

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Certain Age Gaming for November 20th, 2013

CA Gaming final

Traitor Boot Camp!

Let’s Get Traitorous.

So, after I had posted a review of a Garry’s mod game type called “Trouble in Terrorist Town” our lovely editor in chief requested a followup, being the guy I am I agreed. What I would like to do is share some of my experiences as a traitor in the hopes making more successful traitorous scum out there.

Lesson 1:

If at all possible, use a microphone while playing, you can talk your way out of a situation much faster and easier than you can type it out. The downside to this is if you tend to talk a lot and some rounds go completely silent it will be very obvious who the traitor so this is something you will have to learn the right amount of. The other advantage you can work out of talking to your fellow terrorists is that it is a lot easier to relate to someone who you have a conversation with. The best thing you can do is convince someone that you found a weapon they want or a cool part of some map that you want to show them and then promptly embed a knife 4 inches into their back.

Lesson 2:

Signs of a good traitor.

Signs of a good traitor.

Get inside their heads. Always volunteer information, if you find a body you didn’t kill, report it. If there is a manhunt going on, assist. The more they think you are committed to the cause the bigger the shock and hesitation when you start unloading onto them with a shotgun. There was one night in particular where a man put his head at the end of my shotgun in the beginning of a round.  He was asking me to just kill him now because he didn’t want to play the mind games anymore. Fun fact about that round, I was innocent.

Lesson 3:

If you can’t shoot, pick your moments. A point blank shotgun blast to the face or upper chest will completely remove an innocent from the picture bringing you one step closer to your goal. If you can get to a rifle and a high place, go there and wait. Players almost always group up in one area but then get nervous and start going off by themselves. That is your time to strike, wait for them to grab a corner where they think they’re safe and take the shot.

The 4th and Final Lesson:

Learn what the traitor items do. These change from server to server depending on what mods are running and what they have tossed into the game. One of the biggest signs of a traitor is someone stopping in place while they peruse the shop to check out the items. If you can, waste a traitor round just finding a quiet spot and perusing them.  Then, in future rounds you can actually keep walking forward while you open the traitor shop quickly and grab what you need. The item just goes into your inventory so unless you immediately pull it out no one will know you just bought some gear.

Hopefully these lessons will assist in taking down those innocent terrorists out there and their sly detectives. Just remember, make it quiet, make it quick, get out of there, and ditch the weapon…before anyone can find you cackling over a dead body.

Editor’s Note: I love this picture.

Be safe Traitors, be safe.

Certain Age Gaming for October 13, 2013 “You, Mountain Man”

Were you guys getting used to just Kody and James? Well forget you! Cause we got Justin AND Rumn on here with us this week. No need to get excited though, we manage to get through everything without too much confusion. Justin talks quietly and emotionally about Ellen Page’s new game Beyond: Two Souls and Rumn’s all about League of Legends. Kody played The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 and James finished up The Last of Us in our AAA-iest podcast yet. Also we talk a lot about SOMA and Survival Horror in general.

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Certain Age Gaming for October 13th, 2013

CA Gaming final

The Wolf Among Us Ep. 1 “Faith” – Review

Without getting too flowery with my language, the first episode of Telltale’s latest adventure game vehicle is very… very good.


I don’t have a lot of exposure to the world of Fables. Not a lot of people do. In January of 2013 the monthly comic book sold just about 15k copies. So I’ll provide to you as much as I know. Fables is a book written by Bill Willingham (colored by Mark Buckingham and others) about the characters of legend taking on living life together in the real, present day world. This world of myth comes with everything you would expect. Magic axes, magic mirrors, magic potions and flying monkeys… the monkeys are probably magic too. The Wolf Among Us centers around Bigby Wolf; the hardboiled and scruffy Sheriff of ‘Fabletown’ who also happens to be the Big Bad Wolf. First thing you have to do while in control of Bigby is pay a visit to The Woodsman at his apartment.

Yes, The Woodsman who saved Little Red Riding Hood from the Big Bad Wolf.

You may be tempted to think that the game tries to skate by on that kind of novelty alone. It’s interesting on the face of it. What would happen if the Big Bad Wolf has to save a girl from The Woodsman in modern day New York? An obvious subversion. Luckily, the game provides more than just a superficial reversal of the long established tropes.


The best way I can describe the characters is ‘lived in’. There is a heavy history between everyone you meet and the best part is that most of the time you don’t get to find out about it. You’re left after a conversation between Bigby Wolf and someone else feeling like an invader. Like you shouldn’t have listened in. These people live their lives regardless of the events you witness and seem guaranteed to continue after you quit. Presenting something so seemingly deep is quite a feat of writing. It’s aided by the comic come to life artwork that you should now expect from Telltale (with notably less hitches than The Walking Dead) and a soundtrack that rises above the grit and history below it. In fact, this is the first time in a Telltale game that I’ve really just sat and listened to the music. And not the EDM you’ve come to expect either.

Most people, if pressed, would name the action sequences as the worst part of previous Telltale games. With good reason too. The Wolf Among Us, however, has managed to avoid this criticism by giving you prompts that make sense and really suck you into the action. Oh, and there’s loads of action in this first episode. The action is paced by scenes of investigation and conversation that are no less intriguing. You’re playing the Big Bad Wolf as Sheriff; so if you feel like you’re playing a Sam Spade adventure made into a game, then you’d be forgiven.


The Wolf Among Us has big shoes to fill. The Walking Dead was a game that sent reverberations throughout gaming and ended up taking quite a few Game of the Year awards in its wake. I didn’t expect Telltale to follow up with anything near as well realized or compelling.

Make no mistake, The Wolf Among Us has me by the throat tighter than The Walking Dead did in it’s first episode. I will have a lot to say about everything that takes place in this first episode once all is said and done and while there are a few issues (Bigby’s voice actor may want to take it down a notch) I cannot think of a way this series could have better started.

If they keep this up, Telltale may just be onto something magical.


Did a new browser game come out?

So Michael Townsend (follow him on twitter!), the creator of a dark room (you know you love it) mentioned (on twitter) a recent article on IGN. Apparently everyone’s favorite new form of games are “Idle games”.

I did not agree to this.  They’re browser games…

And they’re awesome.   But whatever.  The real point of this post:

There’s a New Browser Game!



Cookie Clicker, which actually came out awhile ago…but we missed it. Sorry.

Actually, now that I have gotten around to playing it here’s what I think:

It’s not great.  It’s no Dark Room or Candy Box.  It’s a very shallow experience.  It honestly reminds me of farmville or…city…scape?  You know those facebook games where the only point is to click click click.

There’s no point to Cookie Clicker, no deeper story like we saw in Dark Room, no delightful little quests like Candybox gave you.

Another thing I’m going to take a minute to complain about:
While the graphics are great and the game play is smooth, the whole game seems to be a bit too perfectly polished.  It doesn’t have the feel of a game someone created out of love.  But one created merely to have an excuse to put a donate button somewhere.

In short:
Candy clicker is a game I’m not sad I missed.  It’s shallow and boring.  Give it a pass.

Look, I put a gif in a post. This blog is crazy pants.  Anyway, let me know in the comments, if you think I’m wrong.  I would love to get more opinions on this game.

Certain Age Gaming for October 6th, 2013 “All I need is 5 Seconds”

It’s another two person cast and Kody and James can’t give up for the fate of the universe rests on their shoulders! So they talk about Video Games. Kody didn’t play anything new, but James talks about playing through Final Fantasy VII again for some silly reason, but he also gets to The Last of Us and Terraria. News of Might # 9 and Path of Exile and Tom Clancy (spoiler: it’s bad news) follows.

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Certain Age Gaming for October 6th, 2013

CA Gaming final